Developing innovation to generate impact on trainers and adult learners’ skills on rural areas

EU-Programme: Erasmus+, KA2, Strategic Partnerships for Adult Education
Coordination: Fédération régionale Familles Rurales des Pays de la Loire (France)
Duration: October 2017 – September 2019


DIGITAL-S aims to to develop innovation about digital technology to generate a real impact on trainers and adult learners’ skills on rural areas.

In a dematerialized world where it becomes an essential prerequisite to master the exploitation of a computer and the internet, DIGITAL-S has the ambition to develop one of the 8 European key skill, the digital skills. To do so, the project wants to support and provide uninitiated trainers with digital competences in the field of training.
The project will focus on keeping pace with the constant evolution of ICTs by integrating them into habits of training.

The project will particularly focus on distance education learning for adult learners from rural areas (mostly with disadvantaged backgrounds) having urgent specific needs to enhance their digital skills. Indeed, knowing how to use a computer and being able to reach all the information contained in the internet have become a must to fully exist as an accomplished individual and citizen and eventually, find a job.

ICTs have also proved that they are a good answer to help with motivating adults to learn more effectively. In rural areas, distance learning solution to get digital skills is all the more adapted since those learners are not always available (considering their professional and family activities) and can face mobility issues to get to a training centre. Eventually, it will also increase their employability since nowadays, computers and ICTs are more and more used on the labour market.

Project Nº 2017-1-FR01-KA204-037299

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