Enlarging Youth Entrepreneurial Spirit

EU-Programme: Erasmus+
Coordination: Cooperative d’initiative jeunes (France)

Duration: September 2019 – March 2022


Qualification, training, entrepreneurial activity promotion, sense of initiative instalment and youth employment have become matters of major concern in our European countries. If in all European countries the number of self-entrepreneurs is increasing and more and more young people want to turn to entrepreneurship, they are not ready to launch themselves in a competitive world that they know little. Most of the young people under the age of 25, having left the education and training system without any diploma, have had no practical experience of entrepreneurship in their training path and often lack of sense of initiative and entrepreneurship (SIE).

Based on the fact that “cooperative learning” can be an important key to empower young vulnerable people to face their future, EYES project aims to support professionals in vocational training and integration in changing their teaching practices, to promote the development a collective entrepreneurial culture and promote democratic values among young people ( in risk of social exclusion, in a situation of dropping out of school, falling into small delinquency, in a situation of long term unemployment, in a situation of exclusion, coming from the difficult / priority neighbourhoods of urban policy, …).

The Consortium will promote entrepreneurship among vulnerable young people by equipping professionals to unite them around a common project in a suitable, secure and educational environment, allowing to each of them: (1) Assessing their capacity to be enterprising, individually and collectively (2) Immersing themselves in the creation and management of a collective enterprise (3) Having a better understand about the realities of the world of work (4)Using their initiative and asserting their points of view (5) Understand the value and importance of teamwork (6) Being actively involved in the development of their territory and finally, (7)increasing self-confidence. All of these aims will be achieved thanks to the stakeholders, mostly companies, which will be essential partners in the definition, evaluation and validation process of youth skills.

Project Nº 2019-1-FR01-KA202-062219

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