Re-Orient Adult Orientation Accessing VET

EU-Programme: Erasmus+, KA2, Strategic Partnerships for VET
Coordination: ITG CONSEIL, Paris, France

Duration: October 2018 – September 2020


Up to now lifelong learning programs have been giving emphasis in the logic of “go ahead rather than to get by, which does not match the emphasis on the low-skilled” and the participation of the lower skilled who are the ones that would benefit the most is significantly low, while orientation and guidance practices target mostly young people. Now the need arises for the relevant tools and methods to be adjusted to an older age group, addressing profession or career change. The same need arises as far as the integration in the labor market of newly arrived refugees/migrants in the EU countries is concerned.

The strengthening of knowledge and the offer of relevant and effective (re)orientation tools to coaches/trainers/counselors to use in their immediate work with beneficiaries is the aim of this project. Our Project’s objective is to provide for them the contextual framework and the educational material to address the needs of their diverse (and steadily more diversified) group of beneficiaries along with easy to use materials and tools for vocational re-orientation of adults and vulnerable groups.

Our partnership joins forces in order to provide an innovative approach to strengthen the VET effectiveness and indirectly aid in combating unemployment through VET means: enhancing access to training and qualification for all, with special attention to low skilled; providing efficient and integrated guidance services; introducing opportunities for professional development of VET trainers/coaches/counselors; developing effective, open and innovative education techniques through the use of ICT.

The project’s development follows  three complementary  steps:

  1. a) re-drafting and re-design of orientation materials and tools for unemployed people including refugees/immigrants that need to re-focus their vocational orientation;
  2. b) creating educational material for trainers/coaches/counselors and VET providers with the use of ICT in the form of a Virtual Reality Space for the beneficiaries to try out different vocations along with;
  3. c) a collection of videos by artisans explaining their profession and techniques offering to beneficiaries a virtual hands-on experience and better guidance at technical vocational training.
Project Nº 2018-1-FR01-KA202-048015

 This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.